I want to start by saying, is this how kids party now-a-days? When I was in my 20's, hanging with chicks happened but they never looked like this, ever! Sure, they were pretty but were always fully clothed and certainly not hanging out doing shots in their bikini's like: 'Hey, let's hammered while we're half naked'.

Enough of my past fails as a youngin: When Saratoga Beer Week 2013 kicks off next month (details and tix below the video) the odds of seeing this will not happen and that's ok. As adults we have to keep it classy while in public ;-)

Meanwhile,  hot chicks, alcohol and a table equal hot chicks, alcohol and a table plus a little 'oops, maybe we should have tested this idea first, you know, with the chick who isn't half naked'. Although, I'm not sure these peeps had any clothed chicks at their party. Well done my friends, well done.



Saratoga Beer Week 2013 officially kicks off Tuesday, February 19th and runs thru Saturday, the 23rd @ The City Center in Toga town. Event info, including tickets, can be had here.