After finding success with frontman Ryan McCombs, Drowning Pool and the singer have decided to part ways.  The band is now searching for their next vocalist.

Ryan McCombs was a member of Drowning Pool since 2006, making him the longest tenured lead singer since original frontman, the late Dave Williams.  Late yesterday the band made an official announcement that they would be parting ways with McCombs on their facebook page. Despite McCombs leaving, the band is working on new stuff.

Drowning Pool is currently looking to find a suitable replacement for McCombs. In the meantime, they have already begun writing their 5th studio album in their hometown of Dallas.

-Drowning Pool facebook

McCombs recently rejoined his former band Soil for a tour of the UK.  Drowning Pool guitarist CJ Pierce said that it's never easy finding a new lead singer, but they are looking for someone who will give both the band and the fans a shot of adrenaline.