Today is Ash Wednesday and let's face it, a holiday right in the middle of the week isn’t exactly convenient. So this church has found a way to cater to the average fat lazy Christian American.

According to Mt. Healthy United Methodist Church in suburban Cincinnati plans to speed up the tradition of smearing ashes on ones forehead in celebration of the start of lent by having a service in the parking lot. No need to go through all the hassle of parking your car, getting out of it, locking the doors, walking into the church and standing in line for your ashes. No, this church has revolutionized it all by letting you pull up in the parking lot and leave your car running because you’ll be cleansed in no time at all.

Why stop at Ash Wednesday? How about webcam marriages? Or the at-home do-it-yourself circumcision kit? There is a way to speed up everything in the world and I thank this church in Cincinnati for taking the first steps.