Over and over again it seems someone is warning you against drinking more then the "standard maximum" when it comes to alcohol, which is 2 per day for men and 1 for women. Seems simple right? Maybe even a buzzkill? Get ready for new research to tear away at the "maximum". The Journal of Clinical Investigation released a new study on March 8th that says heavy drinking can boost your "brain's fuel."

With the statement in the previous paragraph it doesn't mean go out on binge any time soon. The study says people who drink "heavy", which is classified as 8 drinks a week, causes a build up of acetate. What is acetate? It's what gives your brain a little extra boost.

Acetate is kind of like the gas tank of an electric car. When the battery on the electric car runs out, it switches over to the gas tank. Acetate is the reserve for the brain when you are "running on empty."

Acetate is best known as an chemical in vinegar but human livers can break down alcohol and pump the chemical out as byproduct. It travels through the bloodstream reaching the brain where it can build up until needed. (Too bad it can't help with hangovers)

This study is particularly good as now the researchers want to test if doses of acetate may help those addicted to alcohol and their withdrawal symptoms.