Wild sex with an alien sounds appealing but you lose me at Cat People. Who wants to hang out with an Andrew Lloyd Webber production?

After watching this wacky women claiming she has “mind blowing sex” with aliens I wanted to hate her, I really did. But she paints a pretty awesome picture of hanging out with animal people and getting laid like where every she wants to. How can you hate someone for that?

Also she answers all the interviewers’ questions perfectly. Like when the dude ask “Who is Ian the Octopus Man”? She brilliantly answers with “Yeah, well he’s an Octopus man…” Nailed it!

I don’t like the idea of Cat people because I think it takes everything I like about cats and mixes it with everything I hate about people. I love cats because they aren’t people. Make a cat a cat people and you get a cranky me.

“…Particularly the cat people are highly charged sexually..”  - Stephanie

“They’re very reserved” - Stephanie

“They had sex with you in a bus stop, that’s not very reserved!” - Interviewer

However, kicking back and watching hockey with Octopus man sounds awesome. For example: “Hey Octo-bro, toss me one of those 8 beers you are holding?” (Catch beer) “Thanks Octo-bro, you’re my best friend. Later do you want to go out to the bus stop and bang my brains out”?


PS: How much does this chick look like George Clinton? all that talk about having sex in a bus stop makes me believe she might actually be a part of the P funk.