There's a big ol' Wellington Hotel Annex building near the Times Union Center on Howard street, and it's going away. Plans are underway to put a convention center on the corner of Howard and Eagle street. How will this building be brought down? The construction company is considering wreaking ball, and implosion.

Columbia Development (the company building the convention center) is still looking into whether or not implosion is possible. A plus side for implosion is the job is done in a day, not weeks. I'll take getting to watch an implosion happen over weeks of hearing a wreaking ball every time.

Buildings hardly ever get imploded! The last time we had one around here is claimed to be the Schaefer Brewery in downtown Albany that got imploded in the 60's. Below is a video of the Hewlett Packard buildings 7 and 8 being imploded, to whet your whistle.