Free Beer promised the guys a video that would rival the Double Rainbow meme that became an Internet sensation a few years ago. Judging from everyone’s reaction to this video of a guy watching trains, Free Beer delivered on that promise. To be honest, though, we were skeptical.

At first, this just seemed like a contrived attempt by some guy to achieve Internet fame by replicating the formula of Double Rainbow. But it turns out that Excited Train Guy is part of a genuine subculture of people known as “railfans” or (and we like this term way better) “foamers,” derived from people who get so overworked, they start foaming at the mouth.

“As much as a tool as this guy is, I’m kind of a little jealous at how excited he can get,” said Hot Wings. The guys started to give Hot Wings a lot of crap after that comment, given his obsession with cars. “Do you put on your driving gloves to look at your car photos?” asked Free Beer.

Hot Wings defended himself a little bit before detouring the conversation by observing that, “For some reason, this guy sounds like Rick Moranis to me.”

Okay, you’ve waited long enough… behold, the Excited Train Guy: