Smarter Than A Q-Tease is thirty one questions and three rounds of pop culture triva against the Q103 Q-Tease every Wednesday night 7p-9p at City Sports Grille in Clifton Park. Don't be a dummy to win tickets to Rock On The Range.  I'll help you with some questions.

Rob Dawes hosts Q103's version of trivia night called "Smarter Than A Q-Tease" every Wednesday night from 7p-9p at the City Sports Grille in Clifton Park.- thats the bar at Spare Time Clifton Park - the bowling alley located at 1668 Route 9.

The idea is for you or your team to beat the Q103 Q-Tease in trivia. This week you'll be playing against the two Q-Tease Bean Stalks. Jen & Nikki. Both are over 6 feet tall have their heads in the strateosphere. These girls are good, they study and know quite a bit of stupid useless knowledge.  They blog daily on the Q103 website, it's no way a cake walk.  The girls are VERY nice to look at though, when they pick up your lame a** answer,  with that S**T eating grin on their face.

You however might be flabbergasted with the questions, so every week I "steal" 4-5 questions from Rob to help you out.  It's also a good idea to read the stations website as I know Rob takes questions directly from the page. (hint)

We're in the rubber round of a 4 pack of tickets to see Rock On The Range May 21st and 22nd in Columbus Ohio.  40 bands on 3 stages.  Its the ticket/show every rock fan would like to go to. Its week number two, at the end of the third week what ever team has the most point will win the tickets.  Even if you missed last week, no fear as some teams blew the final question and have ended up with the big ole goose egg. - Every team is within reach!

Since we're giving away tickets to Rock On The Range, be prepared for some questions about the show.

Now for the questions/Answers -  

Question # 1  (multiple choice)

How many words do women speak in a day?

3,000, 5,500, or 7,000

Answer:  7,000 - I think that answer is quite low, maybe its how many words don't make sense?  Be prepared for a bonus on this one too.

Question #2

What is the average duration of sexual intercourse for humans?

Answer:  Two minutes - or in Rob's case 30 seconds! I also heard there is a team that plays (uncle boys?) where nobody lasts longer than 20 seconds. - Thanks Heather.  It will be interesting to see what teams say that dont read this.

Question #3

Which actor was recently cast as General Zod in the new Superman movie?

Answer:  Michael Shannon - This was a blog written by Q-Tease Jen on Monday - see useless knowledge!

Question #4

What 15-year-old rock icon-to-be was grounded for the whole summer after sneaking out to her first concert, to see David Bowie?

Answer:  Madonna  - Dont let Jen & Nikki fool you.  They love Madonna!

Hopefully this helps your team.  Remember the scan the website too.
Smarter Than A Q-Tease starts PROMPTLY at 7pm. Dont be late. Labatt specials, appetizer giveaways after each round plus 35 cent wings.  

Good Luck!