I saw him at Northern Lights 10 years ago and he certainly could then. He was one funky fat man who knew how to get his groove on. From what I remember, there was a lot of pot in the room too, 

so that might have helped with setting the mood. Regardless, I see that George Clinton is on Craig Ferguson tonight. Doing what? I don’t know. Maybe Craig will just play with his wacky hair. Seriously, I have no idea. I went to his website and it said that his new album was out now, but after some research I realized that this “new” cd was out in Sept of 2008. (It’s funny how many artists don’t update their sites isn’t it? There are a lot of them out there) Anyway! It’s strange, I’ve never cared for Ferguson, but lately, every time I flip by he’s cracking me up and I can’t stop watching. He is a real funny bastard. It’s been a long weekend so I may have to set the dvr for tonight’s show. But I am definitely curious to see if George has still got it!

Craig Ferguson is on at 12:35am on CBS