When you think of snakes, a warm fuzzy loving pet isn't the first thing that comes to mind.   That doesn't stop millions of people from taking them home as pets all the time.  So do they make good pets?

Have I ever been a fan of snakes?  No way.  I don't like them in nature and I most certainly don't want them in my home.  They just give me the creeps.  The hissing, the crawling, the dark back eyes.  Just writing this has be picking up my feet to make sure there aren't any slithering around on the ground in the studio.

People who have snakes for pets are big supporters, and usually get very agitated when people start knocking snake owners.  Well sorry.  Snakes seem like demons to me.  Maybe it's because in the bible the devil is a snake, well a serpent.  That just makes them inherently evil in my book.  Do you want the devil in your house, just waiting to eat you as you sleep?  I think not.