As much as we want to believe that our favorite rock stars are "super human" they are in fact just like us. 

I know that Disturbed front man David Draiman wasn't feeling 100% when the Music As A Weapon Tour V hit the Capital Region last month but it seems as though this winter weather has taken a toll on him.  They had to cancel the last 4 shows of the tour per doctors orders.

Tuesday night the Music As A Weapon Tour hit Corpus Christi Texas and it was an outdoor show.  Normally this wouldn't seem like such a big deal being that Corpus Cristi sits right on the Gulf of Mexico and is usually beautiful.  This year though, Mother Nature as decided to screw with America hardcore with these large stretches of cold.  That cold weather that has been hitting us hit Corpus Cristi and the cold air has done some damage to Draiman's vocal chords.  His doctor has ordered him to take at least 3 weeks off.  Korn played an extended set Wednesday night since Draiman was sidelined.  The second leg of The Music As A Weapon Tour is suppose to start March 8th, but will begin a few days earlier so they can make up the missed shows.