After digging out from #WinterStormStella this morning I'm seriously thinking about moving out of the city.

I have a strong feeling that after all the digging over the last couple of days and especially this morning that I'm either not going to be able to feel my arms or I will become very aware of the feeling in my arms. All this digging over the last couple of days has really got me thinking about moving out of the city. Navigation in and around the city of Albany is near impossible in the midst of a snow storm and ends up taking days after the snow stops until it regains full functionality.

I kind of miss the days of only having to worry about my driveway and once my spot was shoveled not having to worry about someone else parking where I just put in so much hard work or a snow plow rolling though and completely burring my car in.

At the same time though throughout Winter Storm Stella I've really got a chance to meet a lot of my neighbors who were right out there digging besides me and helping each other out and then I become really grateful for my neighborhood. Plus you can't beat all the fun things going on within walking distance in the warmer months!

How much digging did you have to put in this morning?