Our sister station had a video posted this morning from the Monday night football game between the Rams and Giants.  The St. Louis Rams were marching their offense down the field and it seemed like the Giants defense just couldn't keep up.  In the video two Giant players fall down on the ground in order to stop the game. So was it real or fake?

As a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan I would love nothing more than to throw the Giants under the bus. So that's exactly what I'm going to do. Clearly these are fake injuries, but teams have been doing this for years.  ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden acknowledges that it's probably fake, but defenses use this strategy against nu huddle offenses all the time.

So is this a dirty play or a strategic move?  Athletes in all sports (especially soccer) always try and sell an injury to the officials, but in football they don't need to.  They only need to drop to the ground and the whole game comes to a stop.  Perhaps it's unfair to a team, but there is no rule against it.  Clearly though, the Giants are crying wolf in this case though.  Shame on them.