After appearing at a CNN event in a cleavage revealing dress, many started to speculate that Miley Cyrus may have gotten a boob job.  Miley says no, but what do you think?

You have to admit, there is quite the difference in size.  Maybe it's just the dress?  Regardless, it has people talking and wondering if the 19 year old singer and former Disney Channel star had a boob job done. Miley says it's all natural, no surgery required.

Posted above are a couple of pictures.   The first one is a recent shot from December 2011, and the other is from September.  Looks like she hit quite a growth-spurt in the last few months if she didn't get a boob job.  Now Miley is a tall curvey gal, so maybe it is in fact just the way that the dress is fitting her.  I have my suspicions though.  Why wouldn't stars just admit when they get something like this done?  If they just said "Yes I did, don't they look great?!" then most likely no one would care.

So what do you think, did she get a boob job or is she the real deal?  Take the poll and cast your vote!