As the NCAA brackets get underway, only one name comes to mind this time of year- Dickie V Babbbbbbyyy! World re-nowned college basketball analyst, Dick Vitale, normally provides nothing but in depth knowledge and insite during the tournament.  However, in a recent interview with WGN Morning News, Dickey had a moment of pure awkwardness.

WGN news out of Chicago, IL. tried to interview Vitale about the Illinois head coach posistion, but it appears taht Dickey V couldn't hear his buddies in Chicago.  The anchor started doing his own Vitale impression and that's when Vitale was able to hear the show.  Talk about awkard eh?  First thing you hear from a random stranger is a bad impression of your self. 

Things got worse once Dickey could hear the WGN news crew, Vitale thought he was speaking with a team in Charlotte, NC. and offered his take on UNC's John Henson.  I LOVE the anchor whom at 1:04 minutes in just blurts out "my questions are awful."  and Dickey's very nervous laugh around 1:23 into the vidoe.  Priceless.  Check out the video!  Are you a fan of Dickey V's?  I love the guy - He's AWSOME BABY!