Blake Allison, formerly of Egypt Central, called in to talk about rising from the ashes with his new band Devour The Day, the writing process, recording the album in a different way, creating a touring version of the band, and a whole lot more.

Blake (vocals) and Joey Chicago (bass) created Devour The Day in the wake of the break up of their previous band Egypt Central. Blake and Joey wanted a new outlet to create music when John Falls (singer) announced he was leaving the band due to personal reasons.

"Time and Pressure" is the debut album for Devour The Day and features the Q103 hit "Good Man". The first time I listened to the album, I can tell the difference in the this band compared to the previous material from the guys. Blake also agreed:

This record was much more from the heart. It's closer to us as writers. It's also unfiltered.

We did it ourselves. We went with a producer at the very end but the bulk of the recording was done in house, at Joey's house with my studio.

What you're listening to is exactly what we wanted to put forth lyrically.

Two members are at the core of the band but they needed more pieces to put on a live show. Blake & Joey are joined by Jeff James, also of Egypt Central, on guitar and Dustin Schoenhofer on drums. Blake spoke of Dustin saying:

He's (Dustin) a metal guy and he just rips it behind the kit. It was a no brainier when we did our first... I wouldn't call it an audition because an audition you play couple of songs and see where it goes. The first song was done and I looked at Joey and Joey looked at me and we were just like 'Excellent, we don't have to worry about that'

So far the reaction to the band's album and their live show has been positive with very little comparison to Egypt Central:

A lot of people showing us love are nonjudgmental, they're non-prejudice. They are excepting us as a new band. Everybody so far is like 'hey, this is a lot better then your previous stuff.' We're really happy and fortunate to have this kind of support and love.

The band is out on the road with Sevendust and will be visiting the Q-Studios on July 22nd. Make sure to tune in as they will be performing acoustically. In the meantime, Check out the rest of my 10+ minute conversation with Blake below.