One look at Devour The Day and you may recognize the faces in the band, it's Blake Allison and Joey Chicago formerly of Egypt Central. Their debut album "Time & Pressure" is in stores now with the first single "Good Man".

Before their show in Poughkeepsie with Sevendust on July 23rd they stopped the study to chat and play acoustic

Coming from the ashes of Egypt Central, you've got your own thing going for you now. How did this all start for you?

Blake: It was a difficult choice but at the same time it was really the only thing we could do. We're really happy we did. This is like a second dream come true for us. To be on tour right now and a year ago standing there not knowing what we were going to do and to be out here now.

You're out with Sevendust right now, is their influence on you the same as other bands say they have had?

Blake: Even in the beginning of the previous we were listening to them heavily.

Joey: I think there is a reason why people call them 'The Mighty Sevendust' because they're tour kings. They haven't gotten the recognition they deserve in past but now you can tell they are apart of history.

Lyric structure - Was there something you went in to the album that you wanted to get across or did it just happen naturally?

Blake: It came across organically. We didn't have any plans for it like 'this is going be a record about this.' Everything we had to say was honest and I don't think we could have gotten around it, we had to say it.

Was "Good Man" written towards the end or the beginning of the process?

Joey: Kind of right in the middle, honestly. The place that I was at - the beginning lyric part of it I was ok when he (Blake) was there because I was going through a divorce. When he left, the house got all quite and in that moment - I didn't really plan on writing a song.

"Good Man" was kind of like how I really, seriously felt - just crappy and like karma is why everything had gone wrong. It was really a collection of me crying and Blake came back and put together the structure.

Are you surprised by the great reaction to the band from the fans and press?

Blake: You really put your head out and for us to receive "well" is very vindicating because we had a lot riding on it

Blake, you stepped out from behind the drum kit to take up vocals. Is that something you wanted to do?

Blake: My nerves are at their end. It still feels like I am playing music. I always wanted to do it. When we started the first practices it seemed to get easier. I like it a lot.

Check out the full interview and acoustic set below. Pick up their debut album "Time & Pressure", available in CD and Digital Download.

Interview Part 1

"Good Man" Acoustic

Interview Part 2

"The Drifter" Acoustic