Twitter has proven to be a dangerous thing for many famous people.  They are learning the hard way that just because you think it, doesn't mean you should type it.  Detroit Lions corner back Aaron Berry was a bit frustrated after the Lions big playoff loss to New Orleans and doesn't take criticism well.

You have to be careful with what you say when you are in the public spotlight.  People these days are very thin skinned, and easily offended especially when a famous, or semi famous in this case, person says something.

After the Detroit Lions got crushed by the Saints in the first round of the playoffs I'm sure many Lions fans were upset.  They were particularly upset with the Lions defense for allowing New Orleans so many points.  Lions CB Aaron Berry decided it would be a good idea to get them back by going on twitter are and saying this:

Y'all can go back to being Broke & Miserable…now back to regular scheduled programming…

He would later delete that tweet and apologize, but also deleted the apology.  Not sure why he deleted the apology.  He is also very confused as to why the people of Detroit would be upset by his words.  Fans are not soon going to let him forget about what he said, so he may not be so well received in the Motor City for now.