What a day for Derek Jeter.  He only needed 2 hits to reach the 3,000 mark and does what he has always done, perform above and beyond. 

Derek Jeter has certainly had his fair share of big moments while in pin stripes.  Add another one to that has he hits his 3,000 career hit today and did it with a homer!  An amazing day for the captain.

He did only need 2 hits to reach the milestone, but it's the 6th inning and he already has 3 on the day.  When Jeter is hot, he's hot.  It's what he has done through out the years and that is stay cool under pressure.  He never lets it get to him and if you were to ask him about the 3,000th hit prior to today he would tell you that it's more important to just win ball games. He is hands down the classiest player in the game.

Like I said yesterday, I have been watching Derek Jeter since I was a little kid and he played right here in the Capital Region.  Is Jeter now the greatest Yankee of all time?  He certainly among them and you can't argue that.  But with names like Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig and DiMaggio it's hard to call him the greatest of all time.  One thing is for sure though.  You will be seeing #2 hanging in the outfield as he will be the last Yankee to where that number.

Congratulations Derek!  We know you have some years left in you so what will  do do next?  Thanks for the memories so far!  Lets take a look at some of his greatest moments all time!