Florida Story of the week:  A Deputy, driving 86 in a 40,  killed a man.  Jailtime?  Nope- 2 traffic tickets... AND gets to keep her job.

Photo By: Matt Stroshane, Getty Images

An Orange County (Florida) Deputy was on the way to a call at 5:35am on Aug. 17, driving 86 in a 40, without her lights or sirens.  A poor old 91 year old man was at a stop sign, turned right onto the road she was driving on and she slammed into the rear-end of his car, killing him.  Any other citizen in this country would be charged with manslaughter... they said that she had not violated ANY crimes and she obtained 2 traffic tickets.  She killed a man, how did she not violate a crime?  She is able to keep her job, but may lose her drivers license for a year.  To top it off, the old man was on his way to the hospital to visit with the patients, something that he had done regularly for years!

Orlando Sentinel reports: