Every time I hear Van Halen's "Right Now", I yearn for some Crystal Clear Pepsi.  *Sad Face* CCP was discontinued in 1993.  Today, I thought about all of the foods that Monte loved a decade or two ago that are no longer around.  Let's see how many you miss too!

1) Crystal Clear Pepsi - Discontinued in 1993.

2) Kaboom Cereal - Discontinued in 2010.

3) Ecto Cooler - Discontinued in 2007.

4) The Reggie Bar - Discontinued in 1982 (Though, a short comeback in 1993).

5) The Arch Deluxe - Discontinued in 1996.

Oh man, some green slime and grown up sauce.  I could go for those right now.  What are some of the foods you miss?