Dee Snider is one of the most influential figures in rock music, and has been for years.  His songs are still anthems for the youth, and he's reliving his ups and downs in a brand new book.Dee joined the guys from the Free Beer & Hot Wings show to talk about his long career that's taken him from rocking arenas, to rocking the Broadway stage.  He has had quite the life.  He is letting everyone in on the details in his new book, 'Shut Up And Give Me The Mic: A Twisted Memoir'.

While talking to the guys he talked about how him and the guys from Twisted Sister got started, got ridiculed, and had to deal with the lowest of the lows once the fame faded.  He's back on top now, and he says he owes his current success to radio.  Doing the radio show saved him from a life of poverty.

The cool part about Dee is that he's never been into the drugs and alcohol that most of his rock counterparts take part in.  He wrote the book himself, which is almost unheard of.  Dee even gives a little stab to Nikki Sixx and his 'Heroin Diaries' because he doesn't buy that he was high, and writing all of it down.

Check out the three part interview below, and check out Dee Snider Sunday nights on Q103 when he hosts The House of Hair.