I found the coolest website! MusicSkins.com specializes in fully removable skins for all of your electronics. The best part is that you can get them for almost any band! Get a different band's skin for your phone, computer and music device, or stick with your all-time favorite band for all of your devices. The choices are pretty much endless! 

Music Skins is stationed in Brooklyn, NY, and was started in 2008 by friends Vince Bartozzi and Jed Seifert. Since then the company has grown to house 25 employees.

Music Skins has covers for the following musical genres: Rock, Rap, R&B, Pop, Country and Reggae. Metal heads do not fear (like I did!), for the metal skins are in the Rock category. Other categories include: Fashion, Art, TV/Movies, Models, Charity and Media.

 We envision all iPods, mobile phones, PDAs, gaming devices, laptops, iPads, cameras, hard drives, e-readers and other personal electronics as portable canvases for style and individuality.

These versatile skins are not stickers. They're removable and are made from 3M vinyl, which will protect all of your devices from scratches, falls and whatever other "injuries" they might endure. They also come off very easily with no residue left behind, so you can change your skins as often as you'd like. They also weigh practically nothing, so there's no added bulk or weight to your device.

In total, there are about 1,000 designs for almost 200 devices, so the chances of you not finding anything you like are very slim. However, if you do find yourself not seeing your favorite band or design, there's always the option of having a skin custom made for you. This option has no limits. You can make one of your favorite band, station (hint: Q103!), artist, brand or even make a skin of your favorite picture. The possibilities are virtually endless.

The online Customizer tool introduces a fresh new twist on personalizing the electronic devices we all use every day, making it easy and fun for people to express themselves using their favorite photos and artwork of friends, family, loved ones, favorite pet, crazy party, great vacation, their own band, or their company logo. Users simply choose from over 200 devices including iPhones and iPods, then upload a personal photo, logo, artwork, or image. The Customizer lets you size, position, and manipulate the image. You can even add background colors and text if you choose. The Customizer provides the ultimate level of personalization. There is truly a MusicSkin to suit every taste.

These skins are just amazing, and affordable, as they don't go much higher than $30. There's also a cool deal that anyone who mails the company fake or copied skins gets a 50% off discount. They do this to raise awareness to people against real and fake skins, and the difference in the quality.

Need I say more? Check out the site and see what they have to offer. I guarantee you won't be disappointed, and will find a skin that fits your personality in not time.