The other day, this dude asked me how to get gusher stains out of his mattress.

There's a limit to just how open people will be the first time they talk to anyone (even me) about sex, and that's usually way, way over it. Hell, most people don't even knowthat some women ejaculate during sex.

Should I back up? I should, shouldn't I?

Hey, you know what? Some women ejaculate during sex! Seriously! There are whole porn series based on this. I've seen women shoot their load clear across the room. I'm not that good.

Obviously, it's not the same as semen. However, it is secreted from glands surrounding the urethra that are made up of similar tissue to the prostate gland, and is ejected from the urethra...sound familiar? It also contains high levels of prostatic acid phosphatase, which is a chemical found in semen. Of course, for it to be semen, it would have to contain sperm. It does not.

There are lots of theories about this mysterious liquid, of which you hear nothing about in sex ed. The most popular, back in the day, was that a woman just lost control of her bladder at key points during sex. And that myth is only made worse by the fact that most squirters report feeling like they have to pee before they ejaculate. Today, though, we have the means to examine it, and know that its chemical makeup is completely different from that of urine. It's actually closer to that of semen.

It's usually clear, though occasionally (like semen) it can be milky or white. It's usually odorless. And M says it tastes like distilled water. I may or may not have discovered I was a squirter while his face was between my thighs.

It happens differently for different women. Some need firm, direct stimulation to their g-spot, while others just need stimulation. I know a lot of folks who believe every woman can do it, they just have to learn how. And for many women, that takes confidence in their lover's desire.

Her partner (presumably, you) can help. Let her know you're just as turned on by this as you are everything else you've experimented with. Help her to feel comfortable sharing this with you. But don't put a lot of pressure on her to perform. If it happens, great! If not, great! Either way, you just had a great time helping your lover have a great time. Win-win!

So how DO you get gusher stains out of a mattress? A little Oxiclean and water. Blot, don't scrub. And be prepared for multiple applications. Or so sayeth the internet, anyway. We've got mattress covers, and such, so it never makes it to the mattress to start with.