Well, there is something to be said about the pure stupidity of certain people in the world. It's because of stories like this I truly believe people should have to take an exam, like you do a driving test, before being permitted to have children.

A deadbeat Milwaukee dad was "too broke" to pay child support yet he posted pictures of himself online holding up stacks of cash like he is a "big baller".

The father had been posting picture of himself with large amounts of money and liquor. He probably didn't think anything of it and didn't assume that the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office was watching his activity.

Facebook actually helps District Attorney Offices around the country build cases when they seek deadbeat parents.

Christopher Robinson, pictured above, has a two year child and has not made a single child support payment. According to hief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern, the pictures found on Facebook might not be enough to make an arrest but they strengthen their case again Robinson. Now he faces several felony charges for failing to support his child.