The worst part about being dead has got to be the fact that you are no longer alive. However, if you are Anthony Yahle of Ohio you don't have to worry about that.  After the hospital had declared Anthony unresponsive ad told his family that their loved one had died Anthony and his son had a different plan.

"The 17-year-old Ohio resident rushed into his father Anthony's Kettering Medical Center hospital room after doctors told him his dad could not be revived, according to ABC News.

"Dad, you're not going to die today," Yahle said as he burst into the room.

"Moments later," ABC News reports, Anthony Yahle's heart monitor "showed signs of life," and doctors were able to successfully revive him, 45 minutes after his heart had stopped beating and he had been declared dead."- HP

This kid had just secured him self the upper hand in every argument he has with his father for the rest of his life. "Oh really dad, my curfew is 11pm? Remember that time I brought you back from the dead?" who can argue with that ever? Zombie dad owes his life literally to this kid.