Sunday morning 2am, daylight saving time begins and remember to set your clocks ahead one hour. That means grumpy mornings for the next week as we adjust to the fact that we will lose one hour of precious sleep. Isn't time to end this crap of setting clocks forward and back?

This whole daylight savings time BS started in 1918, many times since then it has changed as well. Most recently in 2007 when DST moved to the second weekend in March. Supposedly this whole time change thing is to save energy. However Daylight savings increases gas consumption as people tend to go out because its lighter at night.

Heck if you lived in Arizona or Hawaii the time does not change because of the abundance of sunlight year round so they don't change the clocks.

DST ends on November 4th and that's when we will get our extra hour of sleep back!
Besides losing an hour of sleep you also lose an hour of drinking as bars that stay open to 4a suddenly close an hour earlier. Whether you like it or not clocks move ahead one hour 2am on Sunday.