Device is one of the newest "super groups" in rock featuring David Draiman (singer - Disturbed), Will Hunt (drummer - Evanescence), and Virus (guitarist - Dope). The band released their self-titled debut album on April 9th and features a large group of guest including Lzzy Hale of Halestorm, M.Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, and Glen Hughes to name a few. 

The phrase "side project" gets used a lot when a band member breaks off for a short time or so to do something other than their main band. David feels differently about Device and that term:

Saying 'Side' diminishes the power and importance of what this body of work conveys.

I think all of us put everything we have into what we are working on always.

Device started out with just David and former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo began to work on new material. Geno is not in the touring version of the band and I asked how the current line-up came to be

(David) Will was one of three drummers on a very esteemed and short list. They were literally the top 3 guys in the genre in my opinion.  He's one of the most animated drummers you'll ever get to see live

Virus actually came on board due to Will's suggestion. We had reconnected not too long before Will's mentioning of Virus in Chicago. (He's) a monster on his instrument, a great song writer, and also has experience playing with electronica.

(When the band met) It felt good so we moved forward with it. We didn't over think it.

There are lot of electronic elements to the band who is only a trio on stage. Both Will and Virus handle those effects live with special keyboards (built in to Virus' guitar), drum pads, and even a kick pad to start the elements of a song. So that means there's no bass player live and as Will put it (jokingly)

Our bass player if the best bass player. He never misses a note, shows up on time, doesn't eat, has no luggage - He's amazing.

What's on tap next for the band?

[Will] We're a new band. We're Device, let's take this thing all the way.

[David] There's at least three more (singles). I've been promised that. And as for touring is concerned, we're very much looking forward to playing the Gigantour run (with) Megadeth, Black Label Society, us, Hell Yeah, Newsted, and Death Divsion all on one bill.

We also talked about the cover 'Close My Eyes Forever' with Lzzy Hale; how it came about and how long David had been wanting to cover the song, along with many other things. Check out the full interview here: