Back in the day, I was bit by the music bug and started dreams of fame and fortune.

At the time, I was an aspiring drummer and spent all of my waking hours trying to hone my craft. As time went by, it was clear that those dreams were not going to become reality and as a twenty-something long-haired punk, I decided to try my hand at guitar.

After some time, I became OK at it and started playing with friends in garages and basements across the Albany area. One of the first songs I needed to learn was "Ziggy Stardust." I had not been much of a Bowie fan to that point, but figured, "What the hell, I can play this." That started me on a musical discovery.

I had no idea of the complexity of Bowie's music. The complex chords, the time changes—all of it. I rolled through album after album and found a true musician. Say what you will for some of his theatrics, but he was a deep and artful musician who will influence generations to come.

As you hear all the talk about what a great performer he was, remember, it all started with an amazing master of sound and the music itself.

You will be missed.