I won't judge if you tear up a bit watching this one.

Last night the 88th Academy Awards aired and if you are anything like me (and may have cut that cord awhile ago) there are a couple times you look to the internet to help fill you in. Like during the broadcast because there is always at least one person if not a handful of people on your feed spoiling the whole thing (who cares if you were going to watch it later) live tweeting/posting.

Then there's the morning after, when all the coverage comes out and you can practically watch the whole show on the web, or at least the segments you were most interested in.

Which brings us to this morning as I was doing exactly that. I was curious to see what kind of performance Dave Grohl put on during the Academy Awards seeing as though you know, hes a musician and not an actor.

Turns out Dave put on a very touching performance during the 'In Memorandum' segment of the awards show covering The Beatles 'Blackbird'. I managed to find a video of the full segment (all though I think some heads might be chopped off from time to time in this clip) but feel free to check out. Don't forget the tissues. This stuff gets me every time.