If you flipped off the television after the Foo Fighters played their 2nd song on Saturday Night Live, then you missed this great bit that Dave Grohl appeared in.

In all honesty, SNL doesn't do much for me anymore so I only check in if there's a musical guest that I want to see. But this Strip Club Dj skit was really funny. You know that voice you hear when you walk into a nudie bar that’s usually incredibly raspy (I mean like way raspier than mine) and somehow continues to say one lame thing after another? Well, the guy in this sketch is so good at it that I felt like my recliner was in the middle of a strip club. And then Dave Grohl shows up. Boy, there was something about the way he had his hair, the sunglasses, the outfit and the way he was chewing his gum that just made him look like if things ever fall apart with the Foos that he could be one of the best ‘Strip Club Dj’s’ ever. Do yourself a favor and check it out.