We've all been or are 'there'. By 'there' I'm referring to dating and all the glee it brings. I'm hoping my sarcasm is shining bright as you read this. Where's the best place to find dating advice? Duh, the internet ;-)

So I started and ended my search at YouTube and I have to tell you, I'm feeling like I just got hustled. I know what you may be thinking: 'You clicked a dating advice link that led you to a site asking for cash?' Negative!

So, this blond chick in a red dress is telling me how her site can give me great advice for dating chicks. Hell, I can even make chicks 'subconsciously' want to pass up wealthy fit dudes only to fall for me. All I have to do is 'click the link under the video'. Link? What link?

Note to whomever created this video- Put a little time into it and just give me the damn advice. I mean, you hooked me at big boobs mashed together in a red dress. Why send me somewhere else? Hell, why even offer the advice? What's wrong with staring at this chicks lovely lady lumps? But I digress: Trust me, any chick who would rather pass up a wealthy good looking dude for me is duuuummmbbbbb. Seriously!

Just give us boobs and some advice. Trust me, you'll make your money via YouTube views and sponsor ads. Boobs and advice, it's really that simple.