Today on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show they broke down's Saint Patrick's Day date ideas. I never thought of March 17th as a big date night. I always liked meeting up with friends and drinking from the time I woke up till the time I passed out. Then continue this process till the day was over. But If I spent more time with a girl on Saint Patrick's Day, my arrest record would be less extensive.


Here are is list of the date Ideas:


1. Order Irish Drink such as a green martini known as a Emerald Isle, or a Irish Cactus (mixture of tequila and Irish liquor) or just add green food coloring to your favorite drinks.

2. Listen to Irish music. says it can be traditional Irish music or bands like U2 and The Cranberries. But since its date night you might want try and keep it some what romantic.

3. Have a Picnic. For most people in the Albany area a picnic this Sunday is a bad idea but your significant other might like the idea that you set up a living room picnic. Try foods like corn-beef and Irish soda bread.

4. Make Irish themed bake goods. OK I know baking might not be your thing but if you really like this person they will be impressed that you even tried. Besides how hard could green rice crispy treats be?  You might want to find out if they are a diabetic or a heath nut first.

5. Gift them with a pot of gold. Its not hard to find gold wrapped chocolate. You can even turn it in to a fun scavenger hunt.

6. Stay home and watch an Irish themed movie. I like the movie Micheal Collins but, might not be a great date night movie. So they suggest the Departed or Far and Away.

7. Have fun with Irish themed a pick up lines. They used "you look magically delicious"

8. Kiss. On a first date? This could help you get your first kiss. Just say kiss me I'm Irish. Remember everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick's Day.