Last night, Glenn Danzig was scheduled to perform at the Austin, Texas Fun Fun Fun Fest, but due to his supposed "illness," his performance was over 30 minutes late. The venue has a 10 o' clock curfew, and because of Danzig's tardiness, his show was shut down after only an hour. The evidence points to Danzig as being the one to blame, but he puts it all on the venue and their security. Read on and decide who you think is the culprit.

Danzig was scheduled to go on stage at 8:15, but since he "had a cough," he threatened to not go on at all because it would be "too cold." In order for him to perform, he demanded five things: French onion soup, vitamins, a Wendy's chicken sandwich, heaters on the stage and an on-site doctor.

After 45 minutes of foolishness, Danzig finally appeared on stage, according to the article.

At 10 p.m, when Auditorium Shores venue rules stated that music must be shut off, Danzig blamed the Fun Fun Fun Fest organizers, telling the crowd, I guess they've [the organizers] never heard of a thing called a riot before.

By the time Danzig's performance was forced to come to an early end, he had only gotten through two MISFITS songs as part of his "Danzig Legacy" set — featuring material from the singer's former bands SAMHAIN and the MISFITS as well as selections from his solo work — disappointing many of the fans, who took to Facebook and Twitter to slam the singer for his allegedly unprofessional behavior.

I've never seen or met Danzig, but I haven't heard nice things about him. Here Steven Tyler falls and wrecks his face and is back on stage the next night, and Glenn has some phony cough and tries to get out of a show. Sounds to me like he wants to be done touring and performing, but still wants the fame and money. I don't know why he thinks he can treat people, especially his fans like that. Most venues have curfews, and even though the show was on a Friday, rules are rules and he took advantage of the situation. I think it's time for him to hang it up and be miserable in his own house on his own time.

Who do you think is to blame here? Are you a Danzig fan?

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