Earlier this week, your morning show Free Beer and Hot Wings had a segment regarding an eight year old girl with six king cobras as her "best friends."  The guys took your calls about dangerous things you did as a child.  I heard a few crazy stories and thought about some of the toys that I played with as child that make me look back on and think - what the hell was I doing!?!

Not that ol' Monte could ever compare his childhood toys to the king cobras that the young girl we told you about earlier this week, but there were a few things I used to play with as a lad that now make me shake my head.  By no means is this a knock on eihter of these prodcuts.  I LOVED these todays.  Hell, I may still own one or two.  However, how did I ever get away with some of these?

1) The Slinky.  Damn I loved my Slinky.  However, how did I not see anything wrong with the old man saying "Here, son, go play on the stairs with a hunk of metal." ? 

2) A wood burning kit.  Though I'm sure I have made some fine designs in my youth, I again failed to see the danger in sitting at my kitchen table drawing on a block of wood with a super hot metal pen.

3) A Balsa wooden wind up air plane.  Man oh man how I loved to fly these things around the house.  You're lying if you can't say the same!  However, I had the bright idea of launching mine full speed inside the house.  No direction - just a hard peice of spinning plastic and wooden frame you had to duck from.

How about yourself? What was a toy you had as a kid that you LOVED but now think - man, how did I not get injured!?  Man I miss my Balsa wood plane.