There are reports of a new and very dangerous drug that has made it in to the U.S. A drug that rots the body from the inside out.

This new to the U.S. drug is called Krokodil (Kroc-a-dil). The drug gets it's name for the cosmetic effect it has on it's users skin, making the skin to look like a crocodile. Krokodil has been described as producing a high very close to heroin and is way cheeper. While heroin is still a life destroying narcotic, Krokodil side effects are way more gruesome and deviating to the body even after a shorter time of using.

It's my belief that no one sets out in life thinking "I'm going to be an addict when I grow up",  but if anyone ever considers using Krockodil I hope they first stop, take a step back and say to them selves "It's time to make a change".  Maybe even google substance abuse to find help.

Here is a tame video on this drugs side effects (still graphic):

Click here for a informative story that Vice did on Krokodil.