I don’t hate ALL fat people. This is a list to show you the top 5 over weight girls I am attracted to.

I posted a story about two girls in Florida who stole Christmas decorations from their neighbor. The women in Albany were very up set that I would poke fun at the fact the suspects we’re fat. (hehe“poke”). However, I will not apologize for my views on anyone’s weight problem but I will show you that I don’t hate all over weight people. In fact I have compiled a list of five celebrities who I find attractive that also happen to be fat.


#5 – Snooki (Jersey Shore)

Maybe her airhead attitude has set most people off. But I’m shallow and dig people in the spot light. If it gets me ahead ill take a little smoosh smoosh from this chunky midget standing on orange pig legs.


#4 – Christina Aguilera

I’m not positive what her current sate of health is. But I know I’ve seen her go from dangerously anorexic to “I just ate my children”. Either way she has a lip quiver that helps me look right past that pumpkin head of hers.


#3 – Jessica Simpson

No I understand once you’re out of the spot light its common to lose touch. But just look how Jessica has let her self go in the picture above. Even that big pot belly isn’t enough to turn me off.


#2 – Anna Nicole Smith

She was the 2nd coming of Marilyn, then the drunk fatty on the E network., Then short lived as Trim Spa’s proof their product works and then dead. But personally I’m even into this picture of her swing her bingo flaps around with pride. The only thing I find more attractive is Anna Nicole in her current state.


#1 – John Goodman