The crew over at New16 Now invited me to come on their program and talk wacky radio and wrestling. What kind of peacock would I be to say no?I mean one that’s what kind of peacock I would have been. It’s good to be heard every day in the Albany NY area but now it’s even better to have my face on some TV screens. Jim Dan and Jessica of New16 Now were nice enough to want to know more about the wrestling I do every weekend out side my radio deal. We also promised they would attend the show I am doing in Troy NY on February 17th for 787 Pro wrestling.

This will only be the 3rd time I have wrestled in front of a crowd in the Albany area and I am super pumped for it. And to make things even better I will be in the heavy weight title match. I don’t get to wrestle for the title all that often and it should be interesting to do it in my home town. So if you dig dudes who drop people on their head and make noises like a bird then you must come see me at 787 Pro wrestling. Or if you just want to be nice like the New16 Now crew and promise to come even though you really don’t intend on coming that would be okay too.

PS: I totally have a mustache in this video!