I don’t know exactly why, but after watching this video I started to think to my self “well you’re trying too abduct that kid all wrong! This is how I’d steal a kid”.

Now after I say it aloud to my self I understand how terrible that sounds. However, I’m not trying to say I’m thinking of attacking and abducting children. I’m simply saying that these teachers are presenting a poor example of how it might really go down.

This video shows kids making a grown ass man cower down to his knees and cover for mercy as a 7 year old lays the lightest elbow strikes I have ever seen. Really? You’re going to let these kids believe that’s all it takes to get away from some one 4 times their size? This isn’t the movies, you can just bust out some “3 Ninjas” shit and really except it to work. While we are at it, why not teach them how to tie paint cans to the banister to prevent robbers from following you up stairs. Or how about teaching them how to utilize their Talk Boy to make reservations in New York’s most luxuries Hotels.

There has got to be a better lesson taught to these kids. Scream yes. But not elbow to the head, kids are too weak and tiny to inflect any damage that way. Three words will help you…Kick the dick! That’s the key. It’s a lady attacker? Well, then grab a hold of that labia and twist with all your might.

Click the link below to see the Story I saw today and understand more about what I'm talking about.