Some families have very interesting ways of showing their love to one another - fighting over money, family feuds, stealing spouses, or in this case; a guy's girlfriend getting it on with his son.

An Australian man was convinced there was paranormal activity going on in his house. To prove he was correct, the guy set up a camera in the kitchen to film the house overnight. He had forgotten to turn the camera off before heading to work the next day. When he came home to view the footage, he found more than paranormal activity.

What he found was his girlfriend of 11 years, and mother to their youngest child, cuddling and kissing with his 16-year-old son. (Keep in mind, the son is not from the woman in question). The guy confronted his girlfriend and she downplayed the event. His son however, proclaimed the two has sex several times in the couple days leading up to the footage.

The girlfriend was arrested after the man called the cops. She is charged with having sexual intercourse with a minor. The woman claims she didn't realize that the legal age of consent wasn't 16, but 18. A lawyer for the woman says her client is very upset, ashamed, and embarrassed by the situation.

No comment from the father or the 16-year-old mother-lover.