Prank Vs. Prank is a YouTube channel that belongs to a couple that seriously enjoys terrorizing each other.   Their latest prank involves the the girl, Jeana, pranking her boy friend Jesse with some fake cat poop.

This particular video brings that scene from 'Anchorman' to mind when Fred Amrisen tries to get Will Ferrell to eat cat poop.  Now that you have visualized that scene, or possibly are just grossed out at the thought of eating cat poop, you know this guys pain.

His girl, who is very cute by the way, gets him pretty good with some fake cat poop.  In the videos description it says that they recently needed to take a sample of their cats poop to the vet, so Jeana took full advantage of that moment in order to make Jesse act like a little girl.  He catches on after she heaves the chunk of poop at him, but still, a tip of the hat to Jeana for a very well orchestrated prank.

We'll have to check back and see what they do next, because we can appreciate some good pranks and practical jokes.  We would also like to see if Jeana does a prank where she just stands in front of the camera looking super hot.  Too creepy?