After hanging in there with Boston for the first two games of their playoff series, the Knicks get blown out at home in game three.

As a Celtic fan I couldn't be happier with the success they are having against the New York Knicks in the first round of the playoffs.  Now as a person who has many friends that are New York Knick fans I can't help but feel their pain. Boston beat new York in game three 113-96.  The Celtics came into MSG and blew the roof off from the beginning.  Boston just seems to have their number this season.

NY was able to make two impressive runs in the first two games in Boston but seemed to be out of gas for game three.  The Knick bench kept battling back but the starters couldn't get much going against the much tougher Boston defense.  Amare Stoudemire was pretty absent tonight.  He only put up 7 points.  Carmelo was not the driving force that he was in game two, he was only able to knock down 15.  Chauncy Billups presence continues to be missed.  They just don't have anyone to lead or push them down the court.  He is still very questionable for game four on Sunday.

The Celtics on the other hand were operating on all cylinders.  Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were each over 30 points and Rajon Rondo netted a triple double.  The team was very much in sync tonight.   Defensively they kept making stops even when the Knicks would start to make a run.  Plus it's hard to fight back when Ray Allen is draining 3 pointers like it's nothing, he was 8 for 11 from behind the arc.

Sunday is game four from MSG and it's do or die time for the Knicks.  As a sports fan I don't think that NY will be rolling over and still stand by that they will win one game in this series.  I would rather see Boston close it out in front of the home crowd. The Knicks have improved drastically and maybe after they work together a little bit more over the summer they will be a big time contender for next season.  The key word there is NEXT.  For now though, it was quite to run for them.  If they are smart they will re-sign Chauncy Billups at the end of this season because they need a strong leader on that team.