Last week I demonstrated the depths of my loneliness when I travel with a series of pictures of my stuffed Curious George out and about in Buffalo.

My loneliness and insanity apparently go deeper as this past week, George accompanied me to Atlantic City. While I had other travel companions (including BJ!) George still proved to be a girl's best friend.

The trip took a dramatic turn when George was nearly kidnapped on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. I perched him on the edge of a balcony to capture the perfect photo. My coworkers warned me that he would fall, but I stupidly ignored their warnings. Sure enough, George fell about three stories down to the Boardwalk. In the time it took me to run to his rescue, a drunken fellow scooped him up. As I finally made it to the boardwalk, I saw George's little furry legs disappear into the man's jacket.

"Mister! You have my monkey!" I yelled as I ran at him. Yup, I'm completely sane.

The man handed George over and said, "You're lucky he's not a baby." Umm, yeah. I suppose I am. The would-be kidnapper's plans were thwarted and George is now home safe and sound and awaiting his next adventure. (There's rumors it may be to El Paso, Texas.)

Check out pictures of George gone wild in the casino below!