According to Niki Sixx it wasn't up to them, it's just what the fans wanted!

Nikki Sixx and Poison front man Bret Michaels sat down with a Texas FOX affiliate to talk about the upcoming tour and in which Nikkia said it was the fans that demanded the two tour together.  In the past both bands were more likely to go on a summer tour with a newer active rock band but after having some conversations both the guys in the Crue and the guys in Poison decided to give their fans the ultimate experience this summer.

Nikki said that with the economy the way it is it only made sense for the two bands to pair up and go across the country.  The economy isn't just bad for concert goers, but bands are also starting to feel the pinch.  Shows all over are seeing less attendance.  My solution would be to lower ticket prices, or go on tour with another big band of the same era and ask more money, sure that works too.

While sitting down for the interview they asked Bret Michaels if there was any kind of "bad blood" between the bands:

There may be some friendly competition but there is no bad blood at all on my part. Nikki and I have spoken several times on the phone recently and the conversations went great.

This of course coming after an interview earlier this year when Michaels claimed that the guys in Motley Crue have never had anything good to say about Poison.  That is quickly being defused.  Why start off on the wrong foot.  I do remember reading in The Dirt that the two bands didn't really get along years ago on the sunset strip, but times do change. Besides that, how can you argue with what the fans want?