This video has generated over 200,000 views, but is it real? It shows a cross country skier in Oslo, Norway running into a polar bear, but the authenticity of the bear is debatable.

Here's the debate:

Real -- If it's a special effect, it's a pretty good one for a YouTube clip. (Notice the shadowing.) Remember when Jack, Kate and Sawyer ran into the polar bear on "Lost." That looked fake and they spent millions of dollars on that show. Plus, Norway is one of the five countries inhabited by the giant animals so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Fake -- It's shot in the same style as every fake viral video (opens on real landmark, zooms out to suggest cinematic integrity, is shaky, shows the moment in slow motion). Why was somebody filming this in the first place? Is that a person to the left of the bear?

Watch the video. Do you think it is real or fake? Why?