Christmas is behind us now but this story warrants conversation. Gregory Cook of Cicero, Ill allegedly stole gifts from two homes, then re-wrapped the items to give to his family. Oh it gets better though. Gregory installed a stolen ceiling fan in his own bedroom.

But like with most dumb criminals, Gregory got a bit greedy with his theft. He took a stolen credit card from one of the families and used it - that put the investigation into full swing. Cook swiped the card at a local Home Depot and Victoria's Secret where he would buy items, then return them for cash. Police used the surveillance camera footage to identify him and made the arrest.

Cook has 8 prior convictions for burglary. He is now charged with 2 counts of residential burglary

I would hate to be his family and the sickening feeling that would have to be associated with knowing your happiness on Christmas day was not only false but also the original property of someone else.