I've blogged previously about the movie The Place Beyond the Pines being partly filmed in Schenectady. This is an update on that story, as the film crew moved in yesterday to being shooting, which will take place in some of the local banks, a few Schenectady homes and in sections of the Woodlawn Preserve and Albany Pine Bush Reserve. Read on to find out more information.

According to the article, Schenectady Film Commission head Don Rittner confirmed the locations for the film, which stars big actors Ryan Gosling, who is the antagonist, and protagonist Bradley Cooper. The plot involves a professional motorcycle racer (Gosling), who robs banks in order to support his son, while Cooper, the good cop tries to catch the thieving criminal.

While the locations have been confirmed, the exact details are yet to be released, and for good reason:

Rittner said he has to keep mum about even the neighborhoods where the filming will take place because of concerns about fans hounding the production.

You have people who are rabid fans and unfortunately they want to hang around, they want to see them, get their autograph, marry them, said Rittner, who is assisting the producers. In a small city like this, that could be a real problem in terms of logistics.

However, there will be little to no use for cameras on any streets, therefore police will not be needed for filming, that is of course only if a cat fight doesn't break out or a riot is started.

Rittner also wouldn't disclose information about where the stars will be staying, for obvious reasons, but did state that most had found places in the city.

Actual filming won't begin until July, which is when the actors will be arriving. Shooting is expected to last until some time in September.

What do you think of this? Will you be seeing the movie when it releases?