I have been so happy to see all the rock news lately about one of my favorite bands, Royal Blood, and their new album "How Did We Get So Dark?"  My rock obsession began with these guys back in 2014, when they released their EP "Out of the Black."  I was living in Vermont at the time and doing stage production and hospitality for work at a music venue.  When I found out that the band was coming to play there in 2015, I about lost my sh*t.  At the time, Royal Blood had been one of the first new bands in a LONG time that exuded the grungy, heavy, gloomy but pulsating sound of rock that I longed for.  Anytime I would hear their music, I was hooked.  They were a refreshing tidal wave amidst radio waves full of vanilla.   My obsession actually caused a couple bruised arms, when I would hit people to pay attention any time a song of theirs came on.  "These guys ROCK, you NEED to listen" I would tell almost everyone I knew.

So of course with my luck, when they played, it was a night I wasn't scheduled to work.  So what did I do but crash the show.  How could I not crash at the opportunity to see one of my then-favorite bands live.  I spent the night hanging out backstage, watching from the VIP section, and chilling out with some crew by the tour bus area. And the biggest thing I can say to summarize that show:  I never knew a band of only two people can rock the sound of a full 5-piece band, EVEN better than a full band itself can do.  They to this day are one of the few shows that I have EVER seen at my old work venue that made me feel as if I was at an arena show.  I mean, there are venue bands, and there are rock bands.  And these guys are a ROCK band.

I can not wait to hear all of their new music, and more so am counting down the days until they play at Upstate Concert Hall on July 31st!!!


Rock Girl Tatiana hanging by the tour bus at Royal Blood, 2015.