Cowboys & Aliens was suppose to be the next big summer box office winner, but they get some unexpected competition from some little blue guys that hit the big screen this past weekend too.

After Thor, X-Men, Green Lantern and Captain America owned the box office on their opening weekend, Cowboys & Aliens was expected to stay in that line of successful comic book/graphic novel based movies.  It had a strong opening, but has I mentioned in my movie pick blog on Friday, watch out for the Smurfs.

At the end of the weekend, the Smurfs and Cowboys & Aliens end up tying for first place with them both making $36,200,000.  That knocks Captain America and Harry Potter into the 3 and 4 spot, but not very far behind the new releases.  So is it a failure for Cowboys & Aliens? According to the studio it might be.  They expected it to open with a total earnings near $45 million, while the Smurfs was only estimated to make near $25 million.  Now they are hoping for Cowboys to have a strong response with overseas viewers.

Cowboys & Aliens