Yes that is correct.  Rocks resident crazy lady reportedly toyed around with the idea of snorting the ashes of her late husband.

Author and Rollingstone writer Neil Strauss got a pretty weird vibe when he was talking to Courtney Love while during interviews for his latest project "Everybody Loves You When You're Dead: Journey Into Fame and Madness".  She apparently was very serious about snorting some of Kurt Cobain's ashes.

This is something that I think even Charlie Sheen would have said, "now that's crazy".  Love reportedly offered him a hit out of a plastic bag containing the ashes and he told her that it wouldn't be right to which she said , I would like to though.

She was serious when she made the suggestion. She actually said she would offer his ashes to me first to snort and then said she would like them.

-Neil Strauss

I wonder if Courtney Love will ever be normal.  Remember all those rumors about Keith Richards snorting his dads ashes?  Yeah, maybe she was taking that a little to seriously.  I don't even understand what the benefit of that would be.  It wouldn't get her high, and it could possibly kill her.  The ashes would totally try out her nasal passages and throat.  All  can say on this one is, what an idiot.